Red Lead alloy

Red Lead

Ever shine smelting alloy pvt Ltd is one of the Renowned Red Lead manufacturers in Karnataka, India that is efficiently successful for the past two decades in this line of production and extending a wide array of high quality Red Lead chemically called Lead Tetra Oxide (Pb3O4). The Red Lead powder that we manufacture is reddish orange in color and finds its widespread application as raw material in storage batteries, Apart from this Red Lead forms the base for the manufacture of positive plates and tubular plates in Storage Batteries. Being a well Renowned Red Lead Manufacturers Karnataka.

Red Lead is orange red powder. Red Lead is a Lead Oxide contains approximating Pb3O4. Commercially Red Lead contains varying amounts of Lead Monoxide (PbO). It is soluble in Nitric Acid (HNO3) and hot Alkali. Red Lead is stored in a dry place and must keep away from heat, sunlight and fire.


Chemical Formula-Pb3O4

Molecular Weight-686

Color-Red / Orange as Powder

Gravity-9.35 – 9.45 microns

Density-19 – 25 g/cc

Melting Point-500oC (Decomposes)

Solubility-Insoluble in Water & Alcohol

Applications: Red Lead is used in a wide range area
  • Red Lead is used or utilized in battery manufacture (for Battery Plates)
  • Red Lead is also used for manufacturing of Ceramics and Anti-Acid coatings.
  • Red Lead is used for the protection of ferrous metal surfaces as a Primer.
  • Red Lead is used as week oxidizer in chemical industry.